बाँदर र मान्छे बिचको अनौठो प्रेम कहानी, कल्पनाले छोरी सरह बाँदर पालेकी छिन् बाँदरलाई (भिडियो)

Kathmandu People who love animals have their own ways and interests. By the way, if someone has a dog in the house, then someone will have a cat. It is common for horses, cows, rabbits to be raised. Some even show love to the monkey by bringing it home. Of which, Dhadiganki Kalpana Alamgar also happens to be monkey.

She brought Aata a little monkey and brought it home as a child. Imagine that the monkey’s mother died and she brought it home and started raising it. She named the little monkey a little. She sleeps with me. Kalpana says the monkey loves her daughter as much as her daughter.


कमेन्ट गर्नुहोस्